Where We Wander

As some of you know I have been working my way through an ambient guitar album titled "Where We Wander". We live in a world where at every turn we can find ourselves bombarded with a continual stream of dialogue. Sometimes...you need to unplug from all of the "intensity". For me I enjoy doing this by taking walks with my family in the cool of the evening when the world has settled a bit. My desire is to create a musical environment that highlites what this process looks like for me. My most recent track "The Nautilus" introduces a bit of that vocal dialogue..and the inner struggle of the individual as they attempt to find solace. The Nautilus track is really the gateway into what I hope to be an album that is garden of sound helping set the tone for ones place of solace. As always the creative process is a journey and though my aforementioned thoughts on this musical project may reflect my intent at the moment..but, who knows what may change on the road ahead. Regardless the title is still very fitting for how all of this works "Where We Wander".

Much love to those who wander into this blog.