I hear of others who seem to feel as if they have somehow lost control of areas of their life as they have submerged themselves in an automated world. One who submerges from being saturated in the digital world looks like and individual who may have unnecessarily surrendered a vital function like breathing to a machine for the sake of "convenience" all to later remove the tubes gasping for air attempting to reclaim their independence...but the natural process of breathing has atrophied and the flesh has surrendered to the machine. That sounds like a really cryptic analogy but I truly believe it is spot on. I see people all around me grasping for substance in their how they spend their free time....all to find that the beautiful gift of ones ability to reach out with all of their senses and interact with the world surrounding them has been subdued by a device and a stream of information...ironically enough the very device that presents this message delivered from my finger tips, stored in a database, presented on a web server, delivered via the world wide web to another individual reaching out on their electronic device. Though the distance between my message and you is one that is defined by proxy (Which is understandable we may hardly know each other) ....the distance between you and those that are in close proximity to you is not necessary. Those individuals may be in the same room with you consumed with their "smart" device as you read this. Disconnect....nothing on this page is worth the sacrifice of the time that you could be spending with your loved ones.