Aviator Mark II

I think this guy will be visiting the canvas next. I need a figure that will help tie my birds into my Aviator content. The one thing that I have realized about being in a public space where nobody knows you or your work...and that is that...well...noone knows you ir your work. So one or two pieces of my work hanging in public seem abit orphaned...their identity is in flux. This guy has been an anchor for much of my Aviator/Freedom flight series. This is a depictoion of his metamorphosis...where he no longer needs machines/his flightsuit to send him aloft. The passion that led him to develop the mechanics of flight in his laboratory has now manifest itself in his genetic makeup and he begins to take on a natural flight form ...hence the pins and feathers emerging from his skin. I have wanted to paint this scene from my sketchbook for some time.