Archaius Sonica

So I woke up this morning vividly remembering a very unique pipe organ that I had designed in my sleep. It had a name comprised of words that I have never seen before. Etched in the gnarled wood surface was the name "Archaius Sonica". The pipes were twisted rustic and ornate with the mouth of each flute twisting into blunderbussed jagged edged floral openings "the only way I can describe this". Some of the pipes were more abstract in their design so much so that I cannot accurately describe their intricate form..but they were bronzed with a crystalline pyrite surface and had a scepter like opening at their pinnacle. Some of the pipes were cloven into many parts rollled back like the edge of a scroll at their openings. The wooden structure surrounding the keys was very rustic dark walnut in color with gnarled natural features that made the panels look more tree like and natural than contemporary. After searching google archaius is a name given to a type of chameleon and sonica I coyld find no solid meaning for but the root of the word is obvious "sonic" meaning sound. Im journaling this because it was a really beautiful structure that I now cannot easily forget...I have never really seen anything like it. I find it strange that the mind can orchestrate images like this in our slumber. It can engineer things despite our direct cognitive involvement and suprise us with these visions when we wake. I say it is a sign that at present the creative center of my brain is healthy...and I need to figure out how to harness more the potential of fhis powerful tool. The content is to just get the vessel to transport these visions from the vault of my mind into this world.